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About Us

This Centre was founded in September 2015 and it was the vision of the Vice Chancellor of RSUST, Prof. Blessing Chimezie Didia. He is a man who wants the University to takes its empowering role in society. He wants to leave a legacy and for the University to be a thriving place in learning, partnerships and collaboration.


The objectives for setting up the centre are to monitor the progress of the University’s Strategic Development Plan, arrange local and international linkages, track and support the alumni of the University worldwide, track conferences and development funds available to Universities worldwide. We are to promote the advancement of the University, working with the lecturers and students to achieve the goals of the University. We see this Centre as helping the University create a learning space like the Breakfast Academy that will promote vibrant international, interdisciplinary, intergenerational and inter-sectorial learning and linkages.

It is a place where people come to learn, work, solve problems and attract partnership and funding to the University. We attract scholarships and grants to the University. We are an engine for change towards sustainable development, a mutual arena where different actors meet. We have a committed team of solution providers. We are promoting a different culture where people come to give of their experience and go home happy that they have contributed to a legacy.

A learning hub for busy executives and people who want to be innovative in their professions

  • What is The Breakfast Academy

  • The vision of the Breakfast Academy is to provide a collaborative learning hub for problem solving and action. We are in a nation where what is being taught in some University does not adequately prepare the people to solve practical problems. The Breakfast Academy is a customized training for solution generation. We are out to solve real problems with the required practical and actionable solutions. We decided to bridge the gap for those that are already working, to provide an informal schooling for them around the Breakfast table. We bring in the best minds, people who have solved a specific problem and have proved themselves. We also showcase the research finding of our lecturers in specific areas of society.


    On the Breakfast table, people acquire skills for nation building, problem solving and innovation. We compress lifetime lessons into a three hour practical session for result orientation. It is an innovation hub where you learn to reach a goal in practical ways. The Breakfast Academy keeps the participants at the leading edge of current solution to specific problems.

  • What We Do

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  • Advancement/Linkage Center.
  • Customized Education for Solution Generation